GEOTrac's Mission

Our Mission: In over eleven years, GEOTrac has evolved with the oil and gas industry to provide a complete fleet management solution that improves safety, reduces operational costs, increases productivity, and generates revenue.

About Us

At GEOTrac, our mission and values are to help businesses enhance the value and safety of assets by providing field proven GPS technologies.

GEOTrac Systems Inc. opened their doors in September 2003. Built out of necessity, GEOTrac was to fill a technological void for the Alberta oil and gas industry. While the industry was leading edge when it came to drilling for oil and gas, these same companies struggled with improving the safety and operational efficiencies in their fleet of vehicles.

GEOTrac began using oil and gas construction vehicles to provide GPS coordinates as the oil producers were building out their incredible road infrastructure accessing thousands of oil and gas wells. Over time as hundreds of GEOTrac’s oil and gas companies travelled through this network of roads, it began to expand. GPS coordinates from tens of thousands of vehicles provide a crowd sourcing that improves the GEOTrac Point2It map every day. You won’t find these roads on Google or Bing!

Today, GEOTrac provides the best private lease road and facilities map in the oil and gas industry. Combined with our state-of-the-art hardware suite and robust software applications, GEOTrac delivers reliable lone worker safety and better operational efficiencies for fleets.

GEOTrac is owned and managed by Trimble Navigation, the global leader in fleet technology. Trimble purchased GEOTrac in June 2012 to improve their expansion and knowledge of the fleets in oil and gas. With more than 1,000,000 assets in 35 countries, Trimble and GEOTrac are leading wireless technology solutions in the oil and gas industry.


When GEOTrac started out in 2003, oil and gas exploration was forging further north but wireless communications networks weren’t keeping up. Operators in remote locations could not track their fleets or dispatch workers to sites, as accurate maps of the area simply did not exist. That’s when GEOTrac came online. The company began to map thousands of new private-lease roads to oil wells, gas-plant facilities and pipeline construction sites and created a mapping solution that provided customers with the roads they needed to get into their facilities

Since that early success, GEOTrac has worked hard to solidify itself as an industry leader in cellular and satellite wireless solutions using global positioning systems. By both understanding the intimate needs of their customers and incorporating constant innovation into daily operations, GEOTrac has hit upon a winning formula. Safety comes first at GEOTrac and the company has numerous products that make worker safety simpler for its customers

The PSM is becoming a safety requirement by most oil and gas producers and the service companies who work for them. The light-weight, rugged yellow pendant is worn around the neck or clipped to a belt of remote field workers. A simple touch of a distress button will call for emergency services, while a motion sensor automatically sends a distress message, communicated wirelessly to a gateway in the vehicle, if the worker is rendered immobilized. The product delivers pinpoint-location accuracy, made possible by a global coverage satellite network combined with GEOTrac’s proprietary satellite-data modem.

New legislation has significantly altered the way oil and gas companies provide work alone solutions for their employees. Work alone legislation in Alberta requires a company to be able to reach out to lone workers on a regular basis and determine that they’re safe, while federal legislation includes an amendment to the Canadian Criminal Code previously known as Bill C-45 that now holds the director or officer of a company personally and criminally responsible for protecting workers’ safety.

Legislation combined with recent events like the oil spill in the Gulf are causing companies in the energy industry to become more diligent in reducing their liability for having service companies on their lease sites. Many companies are mandating work alone solutions to improve safety and reduce legal liabilities, and GEOTrac is considered the ideal solution for oil and gas service providers to comply with this legislation.

Dual-Mode modem simultaneously for satellite and cellular networks, eDriver Logs mobile application complying with Hours of Service legislation, and Co-Pilot for Energy on GEOTrac’s new automotive tablet.