Unprecedented Map Detail!


GEOTrac-LeaseMap, is the most powerful LSD routing map for the oil and gas industry. LeaseMap combines Garmin’s powerful routing engine with GEOTrac’s detailed private lease road and facility map. It is the industry’s best mobile navigation and GPS product on the market.

LeaseMap is competitively priced at a MSRP of $219 CDN and, our straightforward update policy at just $85/update and includes a new SDCard. Save your time and frustration: simply remove the old card, and replace it with the new one, you do not need to plug into a computer or connect to the internet.


Map Features:

  • Coverage - All of BC, AB, SK
  • Maps moveable between multiple GPS
  • Routing from facility or LSD to facility or LSD
  • Dispatch from facility or LSD to facility or LSD
  • Dispatch includes multiple waypoints that are customizable by fastest time or shortest distance
  • Easy-to-use map sets – use the latest city navigator maps when travelling on major highways or in cities
  • Switch to LeaseMap for private lease roads, oil and gas facilities details and grid systems
  • Rivers/Lakes
  • Parks & Protected Areas
  • First Nations Reserves
  • Lease Roads
  • Forestry data
  • Available on SD/MicroSD Card

Search by:

  • Facility
  • LSD
  • PNG (BC grid)
  • NTS
  • Township
  • Wellsite - via LSD


Add oil and gas rig locations, rig locator data is also available for your Garmin GPS!! The same important information is updated throughout the week and loaded into a Garmin “point of interest” (POI) file. This file may be readily downloaded to your Garmin GPS, allowing you to search by drilling contractor or operator/producer, and providing you with turn-by-turn directions to the well site. LeaseMap can add access to the Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Directory listings in your vehicle - Find more than 26,000 suppliers by name in 1,900 categories, Display results in proximity order, get turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Semi–annual map updates are available for just $85/update and includes a new SDCard.


Garmin PND compatible Micro SD includes adapter card for conventional SD slot.


Windows XP or greater, USB 2.0, CD-Rom Drive, Garmin PND with Micro SD or SD card slot.