GEOTrac Products Trusted 360° Coverage

Asset & Fleet management regardless of your business type is challenging. Service delivery, asset management, profitability and safety are all key issues that companies must address. Managing them effectively requires visibility and insight into the location of your vehicles, equipment and workers, at all times. But this can be very difficult to achieve when field work is mobile and in remote locations. GEOTrac has solutions to these types of resource tracking issues.

Driver Safety

In the oil and gas industry, most accidents happen on the road, not on a lease site. It is important that companies provide the proper training and equipment to ensure safety behind the wheel. GEOTrac provides in-cab coaching using real-time alerts. Using driver ID technology, customers can identify the name of the driver for coaching driver behavior. Safety managers can coach on excessive speed, harsh braking, excessive acceleration and rough road driving. Customers can also use GEOTrac’s accident reconstruction technology to determine the nature of an accident including the driving parameters before, during and after an impact. GEOTrac’s Driver Scorecard Reports are a graphical representation of each infraction and where it happened. Customers trend and compare driving behavior between drivers or other groups of drivers within their company.

Lone Worker Safety

Gain peace of mind by knowing the exact location of your workers and making it easy for them to call for help. Ideal for companies that must comply with work-alone legislation. Improved safety also means direct savings to your bottom line through lower insurance premiums and fewer infractions such as speeding.


Many oil and gas producers require their service companies have a vehicle management system in place on their fleet. Producers hold all liability of activity on their lease from both the government and the land owner. Customers use GEOTrac to ensure proper driver behavior is happening to and from a lease site. The three strikes you’re out rule applies to many producers who will only give their service companies three strikes at jeopardizing their contracts due to poor driving. Customers also need to comply with work alone legislation and hours of service laws for driver fatigue management. Electronic logbooks by GEOTrac, ensure customers remain compliant for Hours of Service legislation. Customers must also provide frequent, two-way communication between the company and a lone worker. GEOTrac’s dual-mode (satellite and cellular), two-way message service and GPS locator ensures employees are never out of communication.

Fleet Management

All customers want to make more money or lose less money. Optimizing the fleet of vehicles to ensure vehicles are assigned by location and job using GEOTrac’s Asset Control Center, can save customers time and money. Productivity levels will increase within the fleet when jobs are dispatched more efficiently. Having the right vehicle type at the right job at the right time can improve the bottom line. Customers save money by reducing their fuel bills through managing speed. Insurance premiums can be reduced by as much as 15% when GEOTrac has been installed in a vehicle. Using FleetSmart, GEOTrac’s vehicle maintenance package, customers can spend less money on repairs through better servicing schedules. Tired of paying too much fuel tax? GEOTrac’s IFTA reports can save time and money when completing submissions to the government. There is no end of operational savings and improving efficiency of your fleet using GEOTrac.