GEOTrac-Satellite Asset Tracker

(Sat Tag)

Satellite Asset Tracker (Sat Tag)


Using and maintaining costly equipment such as pumps, light towers, generators, barges, yellow iron and trailers is a crucial part of safe and efficient operations. At Trimble Oil & Gas Services, we understand the need to keep track of these investments. Our SAT Tag will help you monitor the location and running hours on this equipment to ensure that you maximize operational efficiencies, keep your assets safe, detect motion & recover assets during unwanted movement or theft.

Choose your power supply

The SAT Tag’s standard configuration uses four AAA batteries. An optional wiring harness can also be used to draw power from an electric source such as an alternator or solar panel. This greatly decreases the drawdown of the batteries and helps ensure that even if the batteries are dead, the device is still able to send a message when the local source provides power.

Mount it almost anywhere

At 3.25 inches (8.26 cm) on the longest side, the SAT Tag can be placed where you need it to be. Its square base is easy to place in tight locations like in between corrugated metal exteriors, and the mounting plate comes included with the basic unit. The only requirement is that it has an unobstructed view of the sky.

Embrace the elements

The operating temperature range of the SAT Tag is -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) will allow your equipment to be tracked in the most demanding of conditions. In addition, the device has been certified according to several rugged specifications to ensure it will work in your environment.

Customize to achieve your business goals

The SAT Tag can be configured to suit your needs, whether it is motion and theft detection, a once per day “ping” for regular location history, engine hour capture, or monitoring other powered circuits.

Experience low maintenance

Maintaining the SAT Tag is simple. The web-based portal will identify devices that are reporting a low battery voltage. Batteries take less than five minutes to replace. The battery cover can be detached without removing the mounting bracket, which simplifies service.

Cost-Effective Global Coverage

Satellite communications provide near-global coverage and the Simplex Data Network provides the most cost-effective solution available for monitoring assets from continent to continent and across urban and remote areas. Not only are LEO satellite communications more reliable for data transmission than terrestrial systems, they also offer substantial benefits over Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites. The advantages include lower power requirements, reduced latency, less shadowing from buildings, stacked containers, etc. and, more importantly the redundancy and increased reliability of single satellite failure

Total Asset Visibility

Our Asset Control Center web-based management portal is provided at no additional cost with this device’s service subscription. This allows customers to obtain Total Asset Visibility from any internet connection worldwide including over. The web-based solution requires no downloads and provides mapping, display, alerting, reporting, scheduling and management tools for many tens of thousands of assets.


  • Compact and easy to mount (3.25 inches at the longest edge)
  • Optional wiring harness to monitor engine/runtime hours & provide line power
  • Completely self-enclosed. Attach it, flip the switch and go!
  • Rugged: IP67, IP68, IP69K, SAEJ1455 rated for temperature, high pressure washing, vibration
  • Comprehensive Alerting and Reporting on tracked assets
  • AAA batteries make field service simple and inexpensive
  • Global communication coverage


Current CSS compliant web browser, Asset Control Center login credentials.